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Advantages with HTML5
  • More impressive marketing thanks to the possibilities they offer, contrary to static banners.
  • Lighter than animated GIFs or video. Which translates to faster loading.
  • HTML5 is that it is multi-platform, can be viewed and allows interaction from any device, both smartphones, tablets, laptops or even smart TVs.
  • HTML5 offers high quality images that allow you to zoom in and out of the screen without loss of quality, something very important considering how small the screens of some smartphones are.
Más creatividad e impacto

This service allows you to consider new options with which the potential customer can interact within the same ad for the benefit of the advertiser. For example:

  • Show you additional information about the offer.
  • Switch between product variants (colors, textures, etc.)
  • Action options to take according to your preference (eg: Go to the website or store, just download the brochure, etc.)

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