Evaluación de UX Evaluación de UX

UX Evaluation

Evaluación de UX

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User experience
User experience
You are in the best hands
  • We are pioneers in user experience design in the Dominican Republic with 20 years of recognized maturity in the digital solutions market.
  • Our projects have been internationally recognized for their UX design as well as the interface design.
  • Our UX portfolio includes the most innovative brands in the e-commerce market and in commercial banking.
Why invest in UX evaluation?

Our services provide:

  • Accuracy in each part of the redesign of product functionalities.
  • Reduction of development time and therefore in the total cost of the project.
  • Reduction in time to achieve the user’s objective. (Efficiency)
  • Increase in the number of conversions (registrations, sales, etc.)
  • Improves the frequency of use (customer loyalty).
  • Increase in traffic and audience of the brand.
  • Increase the rate of attracting new customers.
Diana y flecha formada por personas
Planificación de User experience
Planificación de User experience
Services we provide
  • Usability tests and reports
  • User People
  • Customer Journeys
  • Prototyping of web and mobile projects
  • Eye tracking
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